March 2017

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Mayor's Office, John Gwaltney

Spring officially arrives this month on Monday the 20th, but weather-wise, we did not have much winter.  This gives rise to a situation that we normally don’t have to deal with until much later in the year.  Mosquitoes!  There are already reports of mosquito bites in our area and these reports will only increase unless preventative action takes place or we get a few days of subfreezing temperatures.  The latter is not likely to occur so we need to concentrate on the former to keep the problem from exacerbating.  The city will do our due diligence by starting the mosquito spraying earlier but there are some things that we as citizens and neighbors should do.  Mosquitoes need a place to lay their eggs to be hatched.  The most popular place for that is in standing water.  The best way to target mosquitoes is to make sure that we don’t have any standing water around our houses.  So, take a walk around your homes, looking for places that might be holding water, such as buckets, flower pots and etc.  When you find them, simply turn them upside down so that they won’t catch and hold rain water.  Mosquito bites are not only annoying but they can also transmit serious illnesses.  Let’s not let them get a foot hold in our neighborhood.

I am looking to form what I will call for now, “The Mayor’s Advocacy Council”. (probably will change the name later) It would preferably consist of a minimum of ten people willing to write, email or call State Representatives and Senators when a bill of interest to our city comes before the General Assembly.  Over the past few years, there have been several of such bills.  I have fought against those attacks and we have won some and lost some.  If the legislators can hear from more people, especially those that are not elected officials, it would magnify our voice greatly.  If you would be interested in becoming part of the voice of Edmundson, call and leave your name and contact information on my voice mail 314-428-7125 Ex# 121 or email me at  You may also leave your contact information with city clerk Phelps.  As I stated earlier, I would like to have a minimum of ten neighbors to volunteer.

I will provide you with information on who needs contacted, bill numbers, bill content and talking points, so that you will be able state your correspondences in your own wording.  Thank you in advance for your help.

Saturday evening, February 25th, the Seniors’ Club went to the $1.00 movie in St. Charles and then to dinner at Culver’s Restaurant.  The movie (Dr. Strange) was much better than I expected and dinner was a blast.  It was a great time but not too much cost.  If you are an Edmundson senior, you should come on out and join in on the fun.  The next regular meeting will be Tuesday, March 21st @ 7:00 PM in the city hall.

Don’t forget that daylight savings time begins on Sunday, March 12th.  When you go to bed Saturday night the 11th, be sure to set your clocks (especially your alarm clock) forward one hour.

Thought to ponder:  Hatred is a burden to only the hater, not the hated.  Forgiveness lifts that burden. — Be a good neighbor.

City Clerk's Office, Ronda Phelps

April 4th Election

The following residents have filed for candidacy.


John Gwaltney (Incumbent)

Ward 1

Adele Crown (Incumbent)

George Acosta II

Ward 2

Tony Mikulus (Incumbent)

Mark Your Calendars!

The Edmundson Easter Egg Hunt is scheduled for Saturday, April 15th, Hotdogs – 11:00 AM

Egg Hunt – 12:00 Noon

Ages 0 – 10

The annual Easter egg hunt will be held on Saturday, April 15th. Free hotdogs will be available at 11:00 am.  Easter egg hunt will begin promptly at 12:00 Noon.  Only children or grandchildren of residents are allowed to participate in the Easter egg hunt.  Please

pre-register by calling 428-7125 ext 116 at any time and leave a message on voicemail.


Public Works Director, Chuck Nunn

The trash company will not pick up TV’s with the regular trash. You must call to arrange a special pick up; there is a $25.00 fee per TV.

A dumpster is still available at city hall for residents to use to dispose of garbage, trash & junk. Items NOT ACCEPTABALE:  tires, paint, appliances, yard waste, computer monitors, TV’s, or chemicals. – NO LEAVES – IN ANY TYPE OF CONTAINER OR BAG!!

Edmundson Neighborhood Watch, Ilene Fields, Coordinator

The Edmundson Neighborhood Watch meeting is at 6:30 P.M. on Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Edmundson City Hall, 4440 Holman Lane.

Neighborhood Watch:

We Look Out For Each Other

Edmundson Information

City Hall      428-7125   City Clerk   x 116

Court Clerk x 117

Public Works                  568-5130

Police Department        428-4577

Dispatcher                      427-8000

Emergency                      911

Community Fire            428-1128

Republic/Allied Waste  (636) 947-5959

Residents may leave a message for the mayor or an alderman at the below extensions:

Mayor John Gwaltney     428-7125 x 121

Alderman Adele Crown  428-7125 x 125

Alderman Rhoda Gwaltney 428-7125 x 124

Alderman Tony Mikulus  428-7125 x  122

Alderman Roy Rice           428-7125 x  123

Media Release

NO COST Home Improvement

Repairs for County Homeowners!!

Saint Louis County’s Home Improvement Program is offering up to $5,000 in home repairs for eligible homeowners at NO COST. Eligible items include roofing; electrical; plumbing; heating; air-conditioning; hot water heater; tuck-pointing; hand railing installation; concrete, asphalt, masonry; tree trimming or removal; and foundation work.

To be eligible: You must own and live in your home, your property taxes must be current, you cannot have participated in the program previously, and your total household’s taxable income must be within the Adjusted Gross Income Limits for 2016:

Family of 1 -< $39,400

Family of 2- < $45,000

Family of 3- < $50,650

Family of 4- < $56,250

Family of 5 – < $60,750

Family of 6 – < $65,250

The Home Improvement Program is federally funded and operates through St. Louis County’s Department of Planning in conjunction with county municipal representatives.

To apply, please call 314-615-8232. Press “1” to hear the areas for which the program is currently accepting applications.  If you do not hear your area on this list, the program cannot accept an application at this time.  Follow the prompts on the menu to leave a message if you believe you are an eligible resident living in one of the listed municipalities.   Funding availability is limited so please act swiftly!

Edmundson Police Department

The Edmundson Police Department has added a new member to the force. David Marino was a 2016 graduate of the St. Louis County & Municipal Police Academy and started his field training here on February 20th.  Good luck to Officer Marino with his field training and his new career as an Edmundson Police Officer.

If anyone sees anything that they think is suspicious or need to speak to an officer etc., please call police dispatch to report the incident to a dispatcher (314) 427-8000. This ensures that the officer will respond as soon as possible and always dial 9-1-1 for any emergency.

Anyone with unlicensed, inoperable / derelict autos visible on their property or parked in the street, please quickly make arrangements to get rid of them or have them made legal and / or repaired.   Thank you for your cooperation in advance.

Chief David Ansell & the Edmundson Police Department