April 2018

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Mayor’s Office

John Gwaltney, Mayor

I hope each of you had a good Passover/Easter weekend.  The Easter egg hunt was not as well attended as previous years.  I suspect that is because we had to move it to Sunday, away from the usual Saturday event time.  We didn’t like to move it, but there was no other choice because of the forecasted rain and it caused the employees to have to work on Sunday.  Everyone that did attend seemed to have had a good time.  With the lower attendance, there were a lot more eggs for each child, and I doubt that any of them minded that.

Back in April 2015, I told you that we had some long range projects that were coming out of the planning stage and moving to the action stage that will make you say, “Wow, what a great improvement.”  Then in February of this year, I announced to you that we were in the final stages of the project to replace all the curbs, plus put in sidewalks and decorative street lights.  Now, the call for bids has gone out and the work has been awarded to Spencer Construction for phase one of the project.  The entire project will require 4 or 5 phases. Each phase will need to bid separately.  The construction on Phase one is set to start Next Monday, April 9th.(weather permitting) Construction will begin in the area directly East of Kratz School. (St. Girard, St. Jerome, Beauty Ln. etc) and move north along Holman Ln until it reconnects with Edmundson Rd.  Spencer Construction will distribute flyers to the affected homes, notifying you that work is about to begin at your address.  In the building of new curbs and sidewalks, you will receive a new driveway entrance reaching as far as the city’s right of way.  If you would want your entire driveway done, by law, you would need to pay for that yourself, and Spencer is willing to contract with you for that. When you get your notification flyer, the contact information for Spencer Construction will be included and you can contract with them to extend the work to include the entire driveway.  Also some of our homes have sidewalks that do not go all the way to the street.  This would be a good time to get them connected to the new sidewalk alongside the street. 

If you have special needs to accommodate any physical challenges, you should contact Public Works Director, Chuck Nunn- 314-568-5130 or cnunn@cityofedmundson.com  ASAP and provide your name, address and contact information so that he can provide the construction companies with a list.  There will be some inconveniences as there are with any street work, but know that we are going to move the work along as quickly as possible.  Some phases will begin before the previous phase is finished.  As before, with other projects you have demonstrated great patience and a willingness to plan ahead to minimize your own inconvenience.  I ask that of you again, please.  This is one of those projects that, when finished, will make you proud to say you live in Edmundson.  This will make our city shine like a diamond on black velvet.  Of course, let us not forget that the original point was to provide a way for the children to walk to and from school without having to walk in the streets where it is dangerous and inconvenient for the motorist.  This will also provide a safe place for joggers.

This year has been going very fast.  Some of the outdoor BBQs will be starting up this month, next month, our concerts in the park will start on May 17th and we will probably open the splash pad about that same time.  More about that in next month’s newsletter.

Thought to ponder:  What could be better than working to bring out the best in one another? — Be a good neighbor.¨


Edmundson Neighborhood Watch

Randy Von Bokel, Coordinator

Topic:  “A Typical Day In the Life of An Edmundson Police Officer”

Have you ever wondered what our Edmundson Police Officers do on a typical day?  Is there such a thing as a typical day for them?  Sergeant Matt Anton will give us the “inside scoop”!

When:  Wednesday Evening, April 18th

Where:  Edmundson City Hall

What time:  6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.—Presentation; questions and answers will follow.

Refreshments from 7:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

If you have questions; call:

Randy VonBokel, Coordinator             314-229-9622

Sheri Martin, Co-Coordinator              314-302-4370

Future Meetings:

 April 12th & May 10th


Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a complex developmental disorder that affects a person’s ability to communicate and interact with others. More than 3.5 million Americans currently live with ASD, and 1 in 68 children are born with a variation of it, so it’s likely you know, whether or not you’re aware of it, someone on the autism spectrum.

With a growing incidence in the country, The Autism Society was founded in 1965 and in the early 1970s began a nationwide campaign to raise awareness. The first National Autism Awareness Month occurred in April of 1970. Nearly 50 years later, April is still celebrated as a time to raise awareness around the differences of those on the spectrum, supporting people and educating the public on autism.

NO COST Home Improvement

Saint Louis County’s Home Improvement Program is offering up to $5,000 in home repairs for eligible homeowners at NO COST. Eligible items include roofing; electrical; plumbing; heating; air-conditioning; hot water heater; tuck-pointing; hand railing installation; concrete, asphalt, masonry; tree trimming or removal; and foundation work.

To be eligible:

You must own and live in your home, your property taxes must be current, you cannot have participated in the program previously, and your total household’s taxable income must be within the Adjusted Gross Income Limits for 2018:


Family of 1 -< $39,400

Family of 2- < $45,000

Family of 3- < $50,650

Family of 4- < $56,250

Family of 5- < $60,750

Family of 6- < $65,250

Family of 7- < $69,750

Family of 8- < $74,250

The Home Improvement Program is federally funded and operates through St. Louis County’s Department of Planning in conjunction with county municipal representatives.

To apply, please call 314-615-8232. Press “1” to hear the areas for which the program is currently accepting applications.  If you do not hear your area on this list, the program cannot accept an application at this time.  Follow the prompts on the menu to leave a message if you believe you are an eligible resident living in one of the listed municipalities.   Funding availability is limited so please act swiftly!

Public Works – Code Enforcement

Chuck Nunn, Public Works Director

All seasonal decorations and displays shall be removed by ordinance; no later than 30 days after the holiday.

Edmundson Seniors Club will meet on Tuesday, April 17th @ 7:00 PM in city hall.

Edmundson Information:

City Hall  314-428-7125 City Clerk  x 116

Court Clerk x 117

Public Works   314-568-5130

Police Department  314-428-4577

Dispatcher  314-427-8000

Emergency            911

Community Fire  314- 428-1128

Republic Service (636) 947-5959

Residents may leave a message for the mayor or an alderman at the below extensions:

Mayor John Gwaltney  428-7125 x 121

Alderman Adele Crown   428-7125 x 125

Alderman Rhoda Gwaltney                  428-7125 x 124

Alderman Tony Mikulus  428-7125 x 122

Alderman Roy Rice           428-7125 x 123