April 2017

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Mayor’s Office John Gwaltney, Mayor

Well folks, spring has sprung and I think it is safe to put away those heavy coats.  However, you might want to keep the raingear handy.  As I write this on Wednesday morning, I hear some birds chirping but it is a grey, damp day following a stormy night.  It makes us realize how blessed we are to have nice warm and dry homes to give us shelter.  Be of good cheer though, bright and sunny days are in our near future.

Last month I asked for volunteers to help with contacting our state legislators on bills that will adversely affect our city.  For the lack of a better name, I called it the Mayor’s Advocacy Council.  I expressed a desire to have at least ten volunteers.  So far, we have had three of our concerned citizens to volunteer.  These three are what I would consider of high quality, dependable persons who have a deep concern for the quality of life in our neighborhood.  I want to extend my thanks to them for stepping up and helping out.  Anyone else that would like to take part in this worthwhile endeavor can contact me via my email — mayorgwaltney@cityofedmundson.com or call my phone # listed elsewhere in this newsletter.  Be sure to leave your name and contact information.  e.g.  email address and/or phone number.

I have been working with MoDOT on a project called I-70 Corridor Improvement. The focus of the project is to make the I-70 corridor from approximately Wentzville to downtown St. Louis safer and to better serve the needs of municipalities and businesses within that path.  The project has several phases, and we just moved into the phase where we gather ideas and information from the general public that live and work near this corridor.  There is a survey available to gather this information.  The survey web site is http://www.envisioni70.com where you can express your thoughts about exit/entrance ramps, lane usage, etc. etc.  This is your opportunity to have an impact on the long term planning of this important thoroughfare.

The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) is a federally funded grant program to help homeowners keep their property in good shape and repair.  It is set up to help low to middle income households.  Many of our residents are eligible to participate in the CDBG.  It is a great and long running program that has helped many homeowners with projects like tree removal, concrete repair or replacement and the list goes on.  The fly in the ointment is that President Trump’s budget proposal eliminates the CDBG.  If you have some of these needs that you have been putting off, it would be wise to get your CDBG request submitted soon, before the program disappears.  The CDBG is administered by H.U.D. and St. Louis County.  You may obtain their contact information by calling city clerk, Ronda Phelps (428-7125 option 2) during normal office hours.

The month of April brings with it the beginning of activities in the park.  For this month, we have the Easter egg hunt on the 15th at 11:00AM.  As always, starting at 11:00AM hot dogs, other snacks and refreshments will be served.  It is my understanding that the Easter bunny will be available again this year for picture taking.

On May 18th, the concert in the park series will kick off at 6:30 PM with a band called Everyday People.  They have performed here before and were enjoyed by many.  They have an eclectic program that is enjoyable to almost everyone.  So, mark your calendars for this event and come on out for an enjoyable evening with your neighbors.  Also for the month of May, we are planning to turn the splash pad on.

Thought to ponder:  It is never too soon or too late to be kind. — Be a good neighbor.   ¨

City Clerk’s Office Ronda Phelps, City Clerk

Here Comes Peter Cottontail!

The Edmundson Easter Egg Hunt is Saturday, April 15th

Hotdogs – 11:00 AM

Egg Hunt – 12:00 Noon

Ages 0 – 10

The annual Easter egg hunt will be on Saturday, April 15th.  Free hotdogs will be available at 11:00 am.  Easter egg hunt will begin promptly at 12:00 Noon.  Only children or grandchildren of residents are allowed to participate in the Easter egg hunt.  Please register by calling 428-7125 x 116 at any time and leave a message on voicemail.

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a complex developmental disorder that affects a person’s ability to communicate and interact with others. More than 3.5 million Americans currently live with ASD, and 1 in 68 children are born with a variation of it, so it’s likely you know, whether or not you’re aware of it, someone on the autism spectrum.

With a growing incidence in the country, The Autism Society was founded in 1965 and in the early 1970s began a nationwide campaign to raise awareness. The first National Autism Awareness Month occurred in April of 1970. Nearly 50 years later, April is still celebrated as a time to raise awareness around the differences of those on the spectrum, supporting people and educating the public on autism.


Edmundson Neighborhood Watch Ilene Fields, Coordinator

The next Neighborhood Watch meeting is on Wednesday, April 19th at 6:30 PM at the Edmundson City Hall, 4440 Holman.

Our security/safety topic for this month will be presented by Cpl. Anton on “Common Household Security Concerns”.   All residents are welcome to come listen to this valuable information.

 Edmundson Information:  
City Hall  428-7125   City Clerk   x 116

Court Clerk x 117

 Public Works 568-5130
 Police Department 428-4577
 Dispatcher 427-8000
 Emergency  911
Community Fire 428-1128
 Republic/Allied Waste (636) 947-5959

Residents may leave a message for the mayor or an alderman at the below extensions:

Mayor John Gwaltney 428-7125 x 121
Alderman Adele Crown 428-7125 x 125
Alderman Rhoda Gwaltney 428-7125 x 124
Alderman Tony Mikulus 428-7125 x  122
Alderman Roy Rice 428-7125 x  123

Public Works – Code Enforcement Chuck Nunn, Public Works Director

  • The trash company will not pick up TV’s with the regular trash. You must call to arrange a special pick up; there is a $25.00 fee per TV.
  • Tickets are being issued for high grass/weeds.
  • Tickets are being issued for carport violations.

Ordinance 210.2170 Maintenance of Carports is attached.

  • Call 428-7125 x 116 to report if your trash or
    recycling tote has broken or no wheels.

A dumpster is still available at city hall for residents to use to dispose of garbage, trash & junk.  Items NOT ACCEPTABALE:  tires, paint, appliances, yard waste, computer monitors, TV’s, or chemicals.  – NO LEAVES – IN ANY TYPE OF CONTAINER OR BAG!!

Edmundson Police Department

The Edmundson Police Department hired a new officer, Greg Martin, who started the thirteenth of March.  Congratulations to Officer Martin and I believe he will make a great addition to the Edmundson Police Department and the City of Edmundson.

Phone scams are up right now as many of you probably already have seen on the news.  If you aren’t aware, if you receive a phone call that asks something like “can you hear me okay”, just hang up and don’t say anything at all!  Some of these scammers want to record your voice saying “yes” to fraudulently use it later.

And as always, if you have an emergency dial 9-1-1!  If you have a non-emergency but need an officer, dial (314) 427-8000 for police dispatch.

Chief David M. Ansell & the Edmundson Police Department