On December 3, 1941 a sub-division was opened to the public for sale.  The sub-division was named Edmundson Terrace and it was one of the first sub-divisions built in St. Louis County.  It consisted of 156 homes with a population of approximately 500.  In addition, along Natural Bridge Road, already established was a restaurant, two service stations, a confectionary type of store, and a Hoyt Archery Company.  In total, Edmundson Terrace included about 25 acres.  On the north, it was bordered by Natural Bridge Road and on the west of Edmundson Road, which were its only two roads leading to the rest of the county.  The small community was entirely surrounded by farms.

In 1942 an Improvement Association was formed to raise money and provide the maintenance of the roads and to raise money for incorporation.  A council  was formed in 1946 with three trustees.

On May 12, 1948, Edmundson Terrace was incorporated as a Village under Missouri law, and its name was changed to the Village of Edmundson.

The going was rough at first, since only $100 was provided by the Improvement Association for the new Village to operate on and it was almost one year before any tax revenue was received.  The Village was administered out of residents’ homes and basements and the trustees had to use their own money to buy stationary, etc.  The 1950 Census listed the Village of Edmundson as having a population of 624.

In May 1965, the Village of Edmundson was approximately three to four times larger in acreage than it originally was.  Edmundson surrounded by the City of St. Ann to the west, the City of Woodson Terrace to the south and east, and to the north, Natural Bridge service road and Highway 70 separated the village from Lambert – St. Louis Municipal Airport.  The 1965 Census listed the Village of Edmundson as having a population of 2500, with 415 residential homes.  In addition, there was Bobbie Downs Apartments (315 apartments); a row of duplex apartments; two small shopping centers; a service station; two car rental agencies; one helicopter port; a church; and Kratz School.

On November 3, 1992, the voters voted and declared that the Village of Edmundson  as a fourth class city and on January 4, 1993 the Village of Edmundson became the City of Edmundson.