A Message from the Chief

It is with great pride that the men and women of the Edmundson Police Department serve the citizens of Edmundson as well as those passing through our fine city.  Our hope is to create a customer friendly environment while enhancing the safety and quality of life of those whom we come into contact.

The Edmundson Police Department is comprised eleven commissioned officers, a records clerk, and a crossing guard.  Within this grouping are; one chief, one captain, one lieutenant, one sergeant,  and seven patrolman.  All officers maintain a POST (Police Officer Standard Training) Class A certification as well as certification in a variety of other disciplines.

The Edmundson Police Department vehicle fleet is made up of seven patrol vehicles which consists of two marked Ford Explorer’s, two marked Dodge Durango’s, one unmarked Ford Explorer, two unmarked Dodge Charger’s, and one marked UTV (Utility Task Vehicle).

Our police department receives dispatching & housing services through the City of St. Ann Police Department.

The City of Edmundson would like those who live in or visit our community to realize that our goal is to enhance safety.  To that end, traffic violations are vigorously enforced.  The speed limit within the entire city is 20 MPH, this limit was set with a number of safety factors taken into account, so that enforcement by the officers is encouraged and expected.

On behalf of the Edmundson Police Department, welcome to our City and if we can be of service, please do not hesitate to call on us.

David M. Ansell
Chief of Police
City of Edmundson